Last Week

Last Week

I can’t belive that school is over. Not this year, SCHOOL LIFE is over. (I hope). I read my first blog post. Am I sad? Of course, I’m not! I am very excited. Final exams, last days. And we will go! I said ‘all of us have worries about our future’. And still all of us have worries about our future. We are in an empty period of our lifes. We don’t know what we will do later. But we are happy because (most likely) we will not be students a few days later. This is amazing πŸ™‚

We completed a big semester. What we learn from this course? Of course, so many things. To be honest, I didn’t care much of this course. Sedat Teacher was very positive and gentle to us during the course. He showed us so many usefull tools. I looked over the things that we learned, and I realized that they are so important.

There is one step for being English teacher. Today’s world growing with technology and technology is a part of today’s aducation system. I will be able to feel myself better in front of my students. I can make my course more enjoyable and easier for them, If I can use these tools effectively in my lessons. We learned so many things, we lived and share so many things. I hope that we all won’t forget each other.

Podcasting ( Week 11)

Podcasting ( Week 11)

Podcasting allows everyone record voice. It is so different. Many people from all over the world tell you their stories. I think this has so many advantages. For example, you can practice in English while you are listening to them, so you can improve your listening and speaking abilities.

If you share something, you can record your voice and publish it. Or, if you want to use it for education, you can want your students to record their voice and share it in here. Also you can use it to evaluate your students speaking. For language education, it is very usefull and it has so many advantages. When we become english teachers, we can use this side.

Digital Storytelling and Storyjumper (10th week)

Digital Storytelling and Storyjumper (10th week)

We are familiar to digital storytelling. We use it for our 3rd year course ‘Teaching english to young learners’. It was very enjoyable. In this lesson, our teacher told us about its features and how to make a video on windows movie maker. We liked it because we know how to use it.

Storyjumper is a new thing for us. It is very easy to use but we don’t know this website. You can create a book and if you want you can publish it for a little amount of money and they send it to you. It is very nice, I think.

These two things are very important for teaching young learners. They love stories and we can create videos or books for them. They enjoy these kind of things when they learn something. Especially, for teaching English, these things can be more helpful for us and they are very interesting for students. We can create videos or books for all age groups, not just for young learners.

Facebook and Twitter ( 9th week)

Facebook and Twitter ( 9th week)

The only topic that we can write so many thing πŸ™‚ Because they are the center of our life. Of course, our teacher tells us about their advantages and how we use it for education. We aren’t aware of these sides of facebook and twitter.

We use them for reading our friends posts. We look for famous people, we share and find pictures, we comment whatever we find. But we don’t know the educational options of facebook and twitter.

There are so many groups in facebook for education. You can find ideas, materials, plans, tools, etc. People from all over the world share their ideas and materials and they have no expectations from you.

Also, in twitter, you can follow training people from all over the world. There are profiles for education, for language teaching, etc. But before our teacher mentioned these things, we do not know how to use facebook and twitter for educational purposes.

We have so many thinks to learn.

WiziQ (8th week)

WiziQ (8th week)

WiziQ is an online teaching and learning platform. It provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers. You can interact online and teach students in real time.

It has so many features for teachers. For example, teachers can build their own profile. A teacher can maintain learners’ concern. Teachers can interact with students in an online whiteboard and they can share text or documents. Besides that, teachers get their own virtual classroom at no costs.

It has advantages not only for teachers but also for students. Firstly, they can learn from home and they can join these online classes without installing anything.

I think being an english teacher in future is getting easier with technology.

Nicenet (7th Week)

Nicenet (7th Week)

It’s an open source web-site which is used for education. It is a free forum that used by educators. It is a public classroom that many poeple create a topic, discuss about it.
It has some advantages. Firstly, We can see how long the students stay there. We can share grades here.

I think it is a usefull tool (like others) for education. As being previous english teacher, we can make our lessons more enjoyable and more interesting. It is very fantastic. If we think about our primary and high school years and the technology in these times, This is like a dream. You create an online classroom here.

We must accept that internet is the center of our lifes.

Prezi (6th Week)

Prezi (6th Week)

Prezi is a program like Powerpoint, but it is a little different. Firstly, it is easier and fast. We can add our materials and prezi desings them. Its disadvantage is we must have internet connection to prepare presentations. We can zoom on different places with different forms.

You can use it online. It is very usefull. I think it is more interesting and more funny. We can add different things, If we are online, we can use it. We must learn more things about it. When we become a teacher, we can use it for our lessons. I think students will enjoy it. I think it will be more useful in our teaching life.